Yes. Sustainability is the heart and soul of Coast Clothing. All of the board shorts that are available on the website are made with sustainable materials and manufactured using ethical methods. In line with Coast Clothing’s vision of becoming a fully sustainable brand by 2023, you can guarantee that all board shorts are eco-friendly. The boardshorts collection from Coast is made entirely from materials such as recycled plastic bottles (100% Repreve). The recycled polyester fabric is designed with low absorbency, so it dries quickly.
Boardshorts are not the same as swimming trunks (or swim shorts). There is a significant difference between these two types of garments and men that are looking for the best beach attire should know the difference. It’s easy to see the confusion – both types of garments are designed for water activities. The most distinctive difference between board shorts and swimming trunks is in terms of length. Boardshorts are longer as they extend to the knee or below. Swimming trunks, on the other hand, tend to be shorter (they are typically above the knee in length). Swimming trunks (or swim shorts) are exclusively used for water activities. For this reason, they always come with a mesh insert or other sorts of lining to provide additional support and to prevent rashes when the fabric comes into contact with the skin. Meanwhile, boardshorts are great for casual beach attire, as much as they are suitable for surfing and wakeboarding. They are designed with a more durable waistband to secure the shorts in place. The fit of the waist can be adjusted with a string tie to offer a secure fit, especially when engaged in water activities. Boardshorts don’t have to be lined, so they are more loose-fitting.
As the name implies, boardshorts were originally designed for use by surfing enthusiasts. This type of garment provides surfers with adequate support and coverage when maneuvering on the surfboard. Over time, the use of boardshorts has expanded beyond riding the waves. This type of garment is no longer exclusive to surfers. Boardshorts are generally loose-fitting shorts and knee-length. As mentioned earlier, they are no longer just worn for surfing. They are commonly used for swimming too, especially for men who wanted more coverage than traditional swimming trunks. Nowadays, boardshorts are also used for casual wear. They are, therefore, not limited to the beach or to swimming anymore. This type of shorts is even the go-to option for men during the summer months because they are so easy to wear and comfortable.
When shopping for boardshorts, you should look for ones that are made of waterproof and quick-drying materials. This is why polyester and nylon are two of the most common materials used to manufacture boardshorts. Aside from being quick-drying, make sure your board shorts are made of breathable materials too. They should provide adequate coverage without limiting your range of movement.