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The primary difference between the Coast loungewear and sleepwear collections is in its use and purpose. Our Coast sleepwear pieces are designed exclusively for bedtime use. On the other hand, the Coast loungewear collection can be worn at home or even when you pop out, such as when running errands or picking up the mail. Some would argue that these two types of clothing can be interchanged, but there is a significant difference. Sleepwear is best suited for the bedroom and is designed to balance your body’s temperature to make it conducive for sleeping. This is achieved through the specific types of fabric used in the manufacture of sleepwear items. The loungewear for men collection available in Coast Clothing Co. is made for comfort and effortless styling. It represents the new era of comfort and modern styling. These clothes are designed to bring you maximum comfort during your leisure time. Whether you need to go out with friends, head to the grocery, or you need to run errands, loungewear is right for you. Due to the comfort and effortless styling offered by our loungewear pieces, it is easy to mix and match them with other loungewear items from our collection or existing items in your wardrobe. This means that they can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your mood or what your plans are for the day.
The type of materials that are used for making our Coast loungewear vary based on the specific type of piece that is produced. For our lounge pants and shorts, we have ones that are made of knit materials so you can expect a relaxed fit and year-round comfort. Meanwhile, we have tops and t-shirts that are made with 100% cotton for a casual and comfortable fit. We also have our signature button-up set for men that is made with 100% woven cotton poplin fabric. All of these materials are handpicked for their sustainability, comfort, and laid back style. This is consistent with the Coast Clothing mission to bring you clothing items that make you feel good and look good.
Coast Clothing Co. items and loungewear pieces are currently shipped to various parts of the world. No matter where you are, you can now wear this sustainable Australian brand and express your love for resort wear. Coast Clothing Co. ships to countries such as New Zealand, Canada, USA, and some parts of Europe. Feel free to contact us if you want to know if we ship to your specific country.
Coast Clothing Co. is an Australian company, based in Melbourne. We have a team of Australian designers and collaborators responsible for the creative design of our pieces. However, our products are currently produced offshore. We envision producing the pieces within Australia soon so that we can be 100% Australian made and owned.