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Yes. We offer lots of variety when it comes to sleepwear options for men. It is our aim to make our pieces available to more people, this is why we provide as many options as possible when it comes to sizing - so you can choose the best fit. Our sleepwear collection for men include pyjama sets, V-neck tees, gowns, nightshirts, knit shorts, and knit pants, to name a few. Each of these items in our collection has several sizing options starting from small to 3XL. If you see something you like, you can bet that there is a size for you!
At Coast Clothing, we carefully handpick the materials we use for the manufacture of our sleepwear and other menswear items. In particular, it has to meet our requirements for an ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturing process. We work together with a textile recycling specialist in Melbourne to ensure that we only use sustainable materials. For example, our board shorts are made of discarded plastic bottles to reduce waste. When it comes to our sleepwear collection, we use low-impact fabric such as cotton. By using pure cotton, we can offer plenty of benefits to our consumers. First off, cotton is a material that is super soft, breathable, and comfortable. It is the perfect fabric to help you enjoy a comfortable sleep at night. At the same time, some of the pieces in the Essentials Collection, such as our V-neck tees, are comfortable enough to be worn on a casual day out. Since cotton is a low-impact fabric that is produced from natural and renewable sources, buying our sleepwear items guarantees that you do not cause harm to the environment. It also means that the menswear from our sleepwear collection is free of any toxic chemicals that are present in synthetic fabric. Cotton is also a biodegradable material, so it contributes to lowering the carbon emission in the environment and global warming. If you want to make ethical and sustainable fashion choices, you can start by looking at the fabric and materials used. And that is what makes Coast sleepwear an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.
Yes. Coast Clothing’s relaxed and comfortable sleepwear styles are available for a global audience. While Coast was initially available in mainland Australia, we have expanded our reach to include overseas shipment. We are now shipping our sleepwear and menswear collections to countries like New Zealand, the USA, and Canada. We also ship to select countries in Europe. As we continue our commitment to bringing sustainable menswear to the world, we aim to make our collections available to more people in other parts of the world. However, we are putting priority in making sure that we do not compromise ethics and quality in our aim of making our upcycled and sustainable collections available to our legion of followers worldwide.
Unfortunately, no. The Coast sleepwear collection is currently available for adult males only. We do not offer a sleepwear collection for boys yet. We will keep you posted if we plan on creating a collection for boys in the future. In the meantime, feel free to look around and shop from our men’s sleepwear collection to add to your sustainable wardrobe.