Yes. Coast is a company based in Melbourne, Australia. This resort wear brand was founded by two Melbourne natives: Rhys Walker and Carlos Martins. The concept for the brand was inspired by the coast of Australia. The founders want to reflect the relaxed and carefree nature of the Australian coast through their inspired and thoughtful collections. All of the collections are designed in Melbourne. We have been in operation as a clothing business in Australia since 1996. As an Australian-owned company, we also work with local suppliers and textile specialists. It allows us to oversee the entire manufacturing process of our men’s boxer shorts and underwear collection to ensure that it strictly adheres to our focus on sustainability – from sourcing the materials to the packaging of the clothing items.
Yes. Coast boxer shorts and other collections were initially available in mainland Australia. However, we have now expanded our production to make it available to more consumers looking for sustainable resort wear and clothing options. Coast is now followed by a legion of fans around the globe, especially those who share our brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As of now, eco-conscious consumers from New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and the USA can purchase our upcycled and sustainable boxer shorts and menswear collection. We hope to expand our production further to make our sustainable clothing available to a wider audience on a global scale. It is also our vision to make Coast a part of the daily lives of those who share our focus for effortless and casual styles that are sustainable.
No. Currently, we only manufacture boxer shorts and underwear for adult men. We do not produce boys’ boxer shorts at the moment. Our brand is made for the modern man with classic sensibilities. This is reflected in our collections that offer timeless options with a hint of modern.
Coast Clothing men’s boxer shorts and underwear collection is unique due to its use of sustainable and eco-conscious choices at every step of the manufacturing process. From the selection of textiles to the packaging, every element is carefully handpicked and selected to support our overall commitment to support the environment. The tagline of Coast is this: “Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good” This commitment is reflected in the production of our men’s boxer shorts and underwear collection. This is also part of the reason why the followers of our brand have gravitated towards Coast. Our collections inspire them to make thoughtful choices, not just in choosing where to buy underwear and clothes for men, but also in other aspects of their lives.