‘Tis the sea-sun! The weather is hot and sweat has been your constant companion. Good thing that linen, which is lightweight, breathable, durable, comfortable, and stylish, is here to the rescue!


Derived from fibers of the flax plant and originally grown and woven in Egypt, linen fabrics were prized by ancient Egyptians. Only pharaohs wore linen and were buried in it. Lucky for us, we don’t need to be pharaohs or mummies to be draped in the fabric.


So let’s separate flax from fiction and look at five benefits of wearing linen clothing:

1. An Eco-friendly Fiber

Since linen is a natural fiber, it has lesser environmental damage compared to cotton. Flax can grow in the poorest soil conditions and the production process of one linen shirt demands only 6.4 liters of water as compared to the 2,700 liters for cotton.


Flax seeds and oil are also widely used in the health food industry, so there is no wastage.


It is the most biodegradable fabric in the fashion industry leaving no harmful waste or by-products.

 2. Feels Cool, Looks Cool

Ever notice why your cotton shirts (although lightweight) get damp when you sweat? That’s because cotton absorbs more water compared to linen and also has a higher thread count.


With linen, you perspire 1.5 times less than if you wore cotton because the lower thread count allows heat to escape from your body. So it does not feel as damp as cotton fabrics when you sweat, and its anti-cling nature makes it a perfect choice for humid weather.


And, because linen is hypoallergenic, you'll no longer have to worry about skin rashes caused by sweating, even if you have naturally sensitive skin.

 3. A Natural Insect-Repellent

Yes, you read that right. Linen clothes are natural insect repellants and moth-resistant. So you needn’t worry about getting holey clothes or munched sheets when you keep them for extended periods of time in your closet.

 4. It Lasts for Decades

Linens are 30% more durable than cotton fabrics. Because cotton fabrics are soft to begin with, they only last about three to five years before showing signs of wear and fading. Linen, on the other hand, shines and softens after several washes and will last up to thirty years.


Unlike cotton, it does not shrink, stretch, pill, or attract lint and static.

 5. Enhances Your Fashion Statement All Year Round

While we’ve established that linen beats the heat in style, heavier varieties of linen help regulate body temperature when the weather cools.


Linen is a superb self-cooling fabric due to its incredible heat conductivity. But it is also said that linen has five times the thermal conductivity of wool and eighteen times the thermal conductivity of silk. Making heavy types of linen a perfect winter wear.


But it’s no secret that linen constantly creases, looking like the iron is hot on your heels, but it’s actually a feature in the summer. It adds a three-dimensional look and character to your outfit.


It’s certainly a stylish, on-trend fabric. They have a natural luster, and the more they are washed the more bright they become, giving you that sophisticated, polished look all year round.


Shop Linen Clothing

Linen wear isn’t just for casual events. It also looks good on special occasions. For a summer wedding, a linen suit jacket almost feels like you’re wearing nothing and still looks stylish. While a linen shirt (whether long or short) makes you stand out in a good way. Wear it with chinos or linen pants and pair it with loafers or maybe linen shorts with espadrilles.


In any way, it’s a fantastic idea to shop linen clothing, especially when it’s 100% pure linen fabric. It does come at a higher price point, but the longevity ultimately provides you more bang for your buck.