Hopefully, you’re not here at one AM or some odd time in the night looking for tips on how to get a good night's sleep. But if you are, well, it’s probably because you’re not wearing a good set of pyjamas. But why in the world does that matter? And why invest in men's sleepwear when you can sleep naked and spare yourself the effort of picking out and putting on a pair of PJs?


Imagine this: if you wake up to your house burning down, chances are there’s not enough time to put on clothes. So you’ll likely be running out in the streets naked or in your faded t-shirt and boxers that have seen better days. Not a good look.


Not to mention, sleepwear is an important bedtime ritual and holds an essential role in the quality of your sleep, mental health, and well-being. Getting enough sleep boosts your energy and lowers your chances of developing inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. So how about we start sleeping in pyjamas that aid those benefits?


Pyjamas Help You Wind Down

Nighttime routines aren’t just for kids, they are important to adults as well. It signals to your mind and body that it’s time to unwind and sleep.


Putting on your PJs can signify that it’s time to put away all electronic devices. Dr. Alex Dimitriu who specializes in sleep and psychiatry said “PJs can certainly serve as a reminder for upcoming bedtime, much like taking off your work clothes at the end of the work day.”

Pyjamas Keep You Warm and Calm

The snuggle is real when it comes to sleeping in pyjamas. Our internal temperature drops during the nocturnal hours. Even if you don't have insomnia, feeling overly hot or cold will disrupt your sleep. That’s why it’s important to wear high-quality, temperature-appropriate men’s sleepwear to protect your arms and legs from the cold throughout the night.


You also wouldn’t have to worry about your blanket sliding off or feeling too exposed to the monsters across the room.

Pyjamas Keep You from Infections

Did you know that every hour, we lose 30-40,000 dead skin cells? For an eight-hour sleep, that's around 320,000 skin cells! Sweat is also produced as we sleep. Imagine all of that accumulating in your sheets on a daily basis. GROSS! At least with pajamas on, most of the bacteria will stay in your attire– keeping you from skin infections. Hence, don’t be a slacker and go toss them in the wash every now and then.


The American Cleaning Institute recommends pyjamas be washed after three or four wears. So if you’re worried you’ll have no PJs to wear tonight, well.. It’s good to have a whole army of pyjamas.

Pyjamas Enhance Your Appeal

It never hurts to look too good at bedtime. Wearing high-quality, matching men’s cotton pyjamas is a sign of maturity and good taste. And if you wake up late rushing to your Zoom meeting in your PJs, at the very least you'll look better than everyone else!

Life Is Indeed Better in Pyjamas

There can be many reasons why you’re having trouble sleeping, but the wrong kind of pyjamas should not be one of them. If falling asleep is challenging, it's probably time to establish a bedtime routine. Warm baths, hot tea, a few pages of a book, and high-quality pyjamas that offer year-round comfort can make a world of difference for you.