Just like women, men too have tons of options when it comes to choosing the right underwear in terms of style, design, colours and fit.

However, there are so many aspects to consider, like: Are you more of a boxers type of guy who prefers more room? Maybe you’re more of a briefs guy who likes a tighter fit. Or do you prefer something in between the two, like boxer briefs?

Regardless of your preference, these are some of the important questions to ask yourself before purchasing undergarments: What do you want out of a pair of men’s underwear? Will you be wearing them to the gym? Do you sweat a lot? Is there a particular material you like more than others? Do you like wearing longer or shorter undergarments?

With all that in mind, we’re here to help you decide what’s best for your manhood.

The Right Material

Your comfort is your top priority. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable down there in a hot, scratchy piece of fabric, so it is important to choose undergarments for men that are made of lightweight, breathable and premium cotton fabrics like knit boxers. You can also go for a blend of cotton and synthetic materials as well as elastic materials like spandex.

Your Preference

Opt for loose-fitting men’s boxer shorts for maximum comfort and breathability. These are great to wear with looser pants, pyjamas or shorts. Additionally, according to The Guardian, scientists have found that men who wish to increase their sperm count should consider switching their snug boxers to more roomy underwear that is better suited to keeping testicles cool.

However, if you want something that is a huge hit with the ladies, grab yourself a pair of boxer briefs. According to a survey conducted by GQ, where they asked 200 women what underwear they found most attractive on men, it turns out that 64.5% of women want to see more of their men’s butt– hence boxer briefs won by a landslide over boxers, trunks or briefs.

Boxer briefs are excellent for wearing every day or to the gym. Wear them with gym shorts, slim-fit denim and pants made of thick material, such as winter wool.

Your Size and Body Type

We can’t stress this enough– know your measurements and always check the sizing guide before you purchase. Being a medium in one brand does not guarantee that you will be a medium in another. No one wants to see you adjusting, as it’s uncomfortable for you and everyone around you.

The proper size will provide you with support and freedom and won’t ride up whenever you bend down or squat, so make sure you know your size and body type.

Boxer briefs are great for taller men and those with an ample posterior. It comes in short and long styles and, depending on the brand, will hit mid to low-thigh. Keep in mind that if you wear a long style that doesn't fit your legs well, it will likely bunch up under your pants and make you feel uncomfortable. So if you have larger thighs, go for the short style.

Similarly, if your thighs are big or if you’re athletic, muscular, or well-endowed, you'll look excellent in briefs, and they won’t feel constricting.

Trunks, on the other hand, suit slimmer and wide-hipped profiles as they sit lower on the waist and have a narrower fit down leg openings.

Design and Colours

Confidence comes from within, and the same is true with undergarments. What you wear underneath your clothes can affect the way you feel about yourself, so look for stylish and sleek undergarments for men. It’s wise to own a lot of neutral colours like white, black, and grey or a dark navy blue since they’re just very sensible.

However, it’s also good to own underwear with pops of colour or patterns that are unique and fun for days when you’re feeling bold and fearless.

Quality Matters

Choosing the perfect underwear means purchasing a pair that isn’t going to fade or fall apart after one wash.

Coast Clothing offers a variety of men’s underwear that is durable and lightweight. They are made of super-soft cotton jersey fabric with fabric technology that maintains the colour wash even after several washes and draws moisture away from the skin. Our boxers are shaped to avoid irritation and keep you feeling comfortable. We have solid colours and designs ranging from nautical vibes to tropical twists, so all things considered, our underwear selection will definitely make you feel like it’s a vacation down there.

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