Stay Warm and Stylish With These Sustainable Winter Clothes for Men

We’ve made it to the middle of August, and though the heat is still unbearable, we know the inevitable winter will soon come knocking on our doors. If we were in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow would be telling us that “winter is coming.” And while there aren’t any White Walkers to prepare for (thank goodness!), there is the cold weather to gear up for — sans the animal fur, only sustainable winter clothing over here.

So, before the temperature drops, we’ve rounded up our list of five must-have winter clothes for men. Cold breezes and snowy evenings deserve an outfit to match, and when you can feel cosy and look stylish at the same time, why simply be cosy?


1.   Long Sleeve Denim Shirt: For a Handsome & Sexy Look

One of the most versatile items a man can own is a long sleeve denim shirt. Sadly, it seems only the most daring of guys go for it since most are unsure about how to style denim.

But if you want to make an impression with comfort and flair, a button-up long sleeve denim shirt is actually all you need. It’s something you can wear for a variety of occasions all year round.

 Whether you're attending casual, formal occasions or just chucking down firewood, a denim shirt is an outfit that will have you looking classy without trying too hard. On days when you feel like wearing your button-down shirt, how about opting for a denim shirt instead? Pair it with khaki jeans and sneakers.

 In cooler months, wear a long sleeve denim shirt over your favourite plain white tee and layer with a zipped hoodie or jacket for laid-back settings. Now, if you’re feeling ballsy or want to add a casual element to formal occasions, rock your navy blue, brown or cream suit with a denim shirt instead of the more traditional formal blue shirt.

Oh, and don’t forget the tie. We find this combo really attractive!

Need more denim inspo? Check out what Fashion Hombre has to say about what to wear with a denim shirt.

long sleeve denim shirt

2.   Cotton Hoodie: For On-the-Move Style

What was once a sportswear staple to keep athletes warm during the harsh weather is now everyone’s wardrobe essential. And since winter clothes are all about practicality, of course, a men’s cotton hoodie had to make the list.

A cotton hoodie is cosy and hip on its own for when it’s cold outside but not yet cold enough to warrant full-on winter gear. Another reason we enjoy them is that they also make an excellent base for layering.

Although we think everyone should own a loose-fitting hoodie, when layering, choose one that’s fitted to you and snug around your shoulders to avoid unflattering bunches underneath jackets. Additionally, for durability and quality, search for hoodies made from pure cotton, and select classic, versatile styles in colours that go well with your current wardrobe.

When it comes to layering hoodies, it’s best to go with coats that contrast with the colour of your hoodie for a crisp look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures either, such as tailored blazers, denim and bomber jackets. So, when you’re sporting a grey hoodie, layer it under a black bomber jacket, or when you’re wearing a navy blue hoodie, try an olive blazer over it.

Here’s more on how to turn a simple hoodie into a modern style statement.    

men’s cotton hoodie     

3.   Waffle Top Shirt: To Elevate an Everyday Outfit

Although a waffle and hot cocoa sound delectable on a chilly winter morning, what we’re really talking about is a long sleeve waffle top shirt that will keep you warm, cosy and stylish all winter long.

If you’re on the lookout for something that would easily beef up an everyday ensemble, a long sleeve waffle top shirt with ribbed neckband and sleeve cuffs is a no-brainer. Simply tuck one into your jeans or chinos, and slip into a thick flannel and a puffer for a chef’s kiss-worthy winter look. For something that’s more on the go, layer it underneath a plaid button-up shirt.

Staying in for the night? Pair this with our knit pants for a unique PJ set that’s perfect for relaxed evenings.

waffle top shirt

4.   Knit Pants: For Lazy Days and Chill Nights

Time to replace your wardrobe full of worn-out sweatpants and tattered college tees with men’s knit pants because stylish pyjamas that double as incredibly cosy loungewear will allow you to make the most out of your Netflix marathons and lazy days off during the winter.

Cotton jersey knit pants that are super soft with elasticised waistband and side seam pockets are hard to beat. They’re a great option for the colder months — adequately thick to keep you warm and stylish enough that you won’t feel embarrassed to take your dog out for their morning business.

Ultimately the best loungewear and pyjamas are the ones you never want to go a day without (or in this case, sleep without). So, consider these men’s knit pants an investment for your winter wardrobe — even if they’re for your eyes only.

men’s knit pants

5.   Dressing Gown: For Your Morning & Evening Toilette

We believe a dressing gown should be in every discerning gentleman’s wardrobe. A lounge robe is a wise investment so that you can stay warm and, well … look sophisticated while lounging around at home.

And to address the elephant in the room, a dressing gown is not the same as a bathrobe, as a gown is designed to be worn over clothing, so it should fit you more loosely.

In the twentieth century, only upper-class gentlemen donned decorative dressing gowns like those seen in Downton Abbey. Thankfully, after World War I, this fashion became more accessible even to the average gentleman.

According to Sven Raphael Schneider’s article on dressing gowns and robes for men, “By the mid-twenties, a fashion-conscious man was almost as thoughtful in choosing his dressing gown as in choosing his topcoat.

Whether you’re fashion-conscious or merely a practical gent, our long sleeve Georgia Gown is a must-have men’s dressing gown for year-round comfort. The relaxed fit, embroidered logo, pockets, chambray back neck facing and velour-textured fabric all add to the nonchalant but gallant appearance.

men’s dressing gown

Winter Clothes for Men: Cosy & Stylish All at Once

Keep in mind that dressing for the colder months doesn’t have to be a choice between staying warm and looking stylish — you can be both at the same time.

We hope our list of sustainable basics has helped you make a more informed purchasing decision and opened your eyes to the possibilities of styling your way through winter because choosing the proper winter clothes for men shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Let us know which of these fits you’re excited to rock!


August 09, 2022 — Carlos Martins