There is no shortage of options for women when it comes to coastal wear. But when it comes to men, it seems as though there are not as many options, at least not until recently. In recent times we have seen a resurgence in coastal wear trends for men across Australia. Our country boasts some of the best beaches in the world, and it would be a shame to not be able to make the most of them.

Top Coastal Wear Trends for Men in Australia

Every man’s style is different. The trends in coastal wear will provide you with a variety of options to suit your personal styling needs without damaging your back pocket. 

When you’re at the beach, it’s hard to think about fashion when all you want is to be as comfortable as possible. The traditional boardies and t-shirt look is fine, that’s not going anywhere any time soon, but a sharper more discerning look is sometimes harder for Aussie men to figure out.  

If you’re thinking it’s time to elevate your coastal wear game, then these are the top trends to jump into. 

Coastal Prints

Vibrant prints have long been associated with women’s beachwear, but now prints are big in men’s coastal clothing too. 

There is a resurgence of fun and exciting prints for men’s coastal wear on the market today. The range of prints available for men’s coastal wear include floral, tropical, geometric, and more. Indeed, you can find a growing number of men sporting eye-catching prints that make them stand out, whether on the pier, promenade, or relaxing by the seaside.


coastal wear trends in Australia

Short Shorts

The length of shorts for men is a delicate balance. If you choose shorts that are too long, you could look like you are headed for a game of basketball. If they’re too short, you could risk looking like you forgot to put your shorts on.

As of late, shorts for men have climbed to dangerous heights, exposing knees, much shorter than what was previously the norm. Thigh-baring styles are one of the top coastal wear trends for men. 

There was a time when men wearing longer shorts were considered more masculine. But this concept has been diluted ever since, and men who are more confident showing off their thighs are now deemed more appealing. The free-thinking approach to dressing is also responsible for this shift in trend; the distinction between masculine and feminine wear has been blurred. 

Pyjama Shirts

Designed to look like you have come straight from bed to the beach, this is one of the most welcomed coastal wear trends for men. There is a certain appeal to these short-sleeved cut shirts because they are trendy and are available in many vibrant prints. They are also comfortable enough for a day on the beach and can be easily transitioned to your post-beach wear. 

The added bonus with pyjama shirts is that they are versatile enough to be worn with a number of coastal wear shorts and pants. For example, you can wear them with board shorts or a dressier pair of pants for a seaside event or party. 

Best Coastal Wear Fabrics for Men

The secret to elevating your swimsuit game is to choose the right textiles to wear. There are plenty of options on the market, but the best fabrics are the ones that combine style with sustainability. Plus, you do not have to sacrifice style either. 

Check out the top fabrics that men can choose from when adding new pieces to your coastal wear collection.


The mere mention of linen inspires thoughts of summer or a beach day. There’s a reason for that: it is one of the best textiles for coastal wear – for both men and women. This textile is a great choice for the beach or during hot and sunny weather because it is light and breathable. 

Linen is similar to cotton because it is made from a natural source – the fibers of a flax plant. It has the added advantage of being stronger than cotton. It also gets softer the more you wear it. It’s also easy to wear because the natural crinkled look means that it won’t need pressing prior to wearing. 

Linen is also versatile enough that it is not just suited for a day at the beach. It is also a suitable option for semi-formal coastal wear. You can wear it to a casual or outdoor summer event. 


Polyester is an excellent choice of textile for men’s beach shorts or board shorts. There are sustainable ways to produce polyester, so you don’t have to worry about your ecological footprint when wearing this type of fabric. 

Polyester is ideal for swim wear such as shorts and swimming trunks because it is soft yet sturdy. The fabric is also resistant to wrinkles. In addition, polyester is quick-drying and won’t get damaged easily even when exposed to chlorine or UV rays from the sun. 


nylon coastal wear trends


Just like polyester, there is a growing option in the market for sustainable and recycled nylon. It is a great option for men’s coastal wear, especially for the manufacture of men’s swim trunks. It is a slightly more stretchy material than polyester is, which makes it an ideal option for menswear for water sports activities. 

Shopping for coastal wear items for men is more exciting now than ever before. The resurgence of this trend in the men’s fashion industry enables men to invest in pieces that are stylish, comfortable, functional, and sustainable.