The climate crisis is something we can easily brush aside. For one, the threat of extreme weather conditions has affected everyone, not just certain countries. It is estimated that about 130,000 tonnes of plastic waste is thrown into the ocean every year. And the fashion industry ranks second to the oil industry in contributing to that waste. This is an eye-opener for anyone who has invested in the fashion industry that demonstrates that we must make smarter choices that aren’t as devastating to the environment. This is when sustainable clothing companies in Australia enter the picture and the reasons are aplenty as to why we need to make the switch.

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Clothing Brands in Australia

Supporting sustainable menswear and clothing companies is the ethical thing to do. But why, you might ask? 

There are plenty of benefits when you choose to support brands that have committed to sustainability. Before diving into what brands are doing to promote sustainability in fashion and clothing manufacturing, let’s check out the benefits of slow fashion.

  1. It promotes a more conscious approach to consumption. Since fashion is produced ethically and more slowly, you also consume mindfully. It changes your overall mindset about buying and consuming when you focus more on quality and sustainability. 

  1. It offers better quality. Since clothing is not produced in a fast manner, the materials are chosen carefully and the manufacturing process is done thoughtfully.

  1. It is more cost-efficient. By choosing to invest in higher quality pieces that are durable, you get more value for your money in the long run.

  1. It promotes and respects human rights. The conditions of workers in fast fashion industries are examples of human exploitation. By choosing sustainable menswear and clothing brands in Australia, you are promoting fair and healthy work conditions for the workers.

  1. It supports brands with a purpose. This is an important step towards minimizing your ecological footprint and encouraging brands that are ethical and take a sustainable approach in manufacturing clothing and fashion items.

  1. It is better for the planet. This is the primary reason for choosing brands that promote sustainability. You can help to minimize the impact on the planet by reducing waste. 
benefits of choosing a sustainable clothing brand in Australia


What Sustainable Clothing Australia Brands Are Doing

Now that you understand some of the benefits of choosing sustainable menswear and clothing brands, the next step is to look at which fashion brands have responded to the challenge. More importantly, discover what these brands are doing in order to manufacture ethically and sustainably.

The Australian fashion industry is responsible for the production of over 700,000 tonnes of textiles that went into landfills in 2019. This is a lot, and if you want to make a change to save the environment, there are a few options.

Boden is a well-known brand that was originally based in the UK. It gained global fame for being one of the go-to brands for plus-sized women’s fashion. Recently, it has been gaining attention for its commitment to building a sustainable future for the brand. According to the fashion brand, it aims to use 100% sustainable viscose and materials from sustainable sources by 2025. They also innovated the ECONYL fabric, which is made with nylon from discarded fishing nets. 

Patagonia is another global brand that has made a commitment to become fully sustainable. This is an outdoor brand that is beloved by adventure seekers, but it is also set to capture the hearts of those who want to make sustainable fashion choices. The brand is prudent in its manufacturing process – from the sourcing of materials to the final production – in terms of sustainability. They only use recyclable materials such as 100% virgin cotton that is grown using organic methods. 

Another iconic shopping brand that is a great option for those looking for sustainable options is The Iconic. This is a popular shopping platform in Australia, especially for women’s fashion. They are looking ahead to a sustainable future starting with the ‘Considered’ range that was launched in 2019. This collection is either made with sustainable materials or manufactured with less environmental impact. There is a dedicated section on the website for this collection for those who want to be able to limit their options to sustainable items. 


clothing brand in Australia that is sustainable


At Coast Clothing Co, we are also doing the same thing - manufacturing men's clothing with a purpose and in an effort to be as sustainable as possible. We have been in the business of menswear clothing manufacturing for 25 years and our brand has become synonymous to timeless and classic resort wear for men. 

Our goal is to handpick the textiles we use to make sure they are made from natural, sustainable, and renewable sources. For example, cotton and linen are two of the most commonly used textiles in our manufacturing process. We use it for making shorts, shirts, pants, underwear, and loungewear for men. 


Our goal is to not only use natural textiles, but also to maintain a sustainable approach in manufacturing. By choosing natural and sustainable textiles, we can produce clothes that men will want to use for many years. With more durable clothes, there is less need to buy more clothes. It creates a healthy cycle of sustainability and it starts with you – the consumer – making the right ethical choice. 


But that’s not all, at Coast Clothing Co, we also innovate so that we can maximize the use of sustainable materials. We have adopted a manufacturing technology known as Repreve technology. It is designed to recycle discarded plastic waste in order to produce sustainable materials and textile like polyester. This type of fabric is used in the manufacture of various menswear items like board shorts that are designed to last for several years. 

To cap it off, we also use 100% sustainable packaging. This is the last piece in our sustainability puzzle and our transformation to a fully sustainable fashion brand by 2023. 

January 18, 2022 — Mike Shu SEO