Are you attending a beach wedding soon and struggling with what to wear? With the right ensemble, you can look sharp and feel comfortable all day long. Here's a guide to dressing for a beach wedding for the guys out there. 

Beach Chic But Not Too Casual
A beach wedding requires its own unique style of dress. It is important to remember that even though it’s a beach wedding, it is still an occasion that demands respect and you will want to look professional and stylish. To achieve this balance, pick clothing that is casual enough for the beach but still appropriate for formal occasions. This means avoiding anything too flashy or overly baggy, like shorts or flip flops. Instead, go for lightweight linen trousers paired with something more formal such as a long sleeve linen shirt . You should also choose colors that fit in with the natural color palette of the beach – think muted blues, beige and whites instead of bright colors or bold patterns. Keep accessories simple and subtle such as classic watches or wooden bracelets rather than bulky pieces of jewelry or statement items like ties.

Here's some top linen picks we have for you.

1. The Classic Mens Long Sleeve White Linen Shirt. Cannot go wrong with this shirt paired with a nice pair of linen trousers. 

White Long Sleeve Linen Shirt

2. Nothing says beach wedding attire for men more than this beige linen! This would easily be the best pick for any beach wedding. Paired with a matching pair of beige linen pants for the ultimate beach wedding outfit.


3. Here's something a little different, it's always nice to wear something subtlety different, the Rust coloured linen shirt would be the perfect way to achieve this. Again paired with our most popular beige linen pants to complete the look.

mens long sleeve linen shirt


Check out the full Linen collection here 


Consider The Weather
When choosing your outfit, always keep in mind the environment in which you are getting dressed for. On a hot summer day on the beach, light-colored fabrics are ideal because they won’t absorb heat like darker colors do. If it’s windy outside, opt for slim-fitting garments so they don’t billow up around you during gusts of wind! If it tends to rain often in your area around this time of year, then make sure your outfit includes some water-resistant materials so that any unexpected showers won't ruin your look! Lastly, don’t forget about sun protection! Opting for lightweight linen shirts with high collars can protect against UV rays without making you overheat during those summer days by the sea.

Here's some great options in trousers & shorts for beach wedding attire for men.

  • Trousers - Straight slim fit drawcord linen pants, come in a range of colours Navy, White and Sand. 

linen pants


  • Shorts - classic fitted pair of linen shorts with drawcords, also come in the same range of colours: Navy, White and Sand. 


Make Sure Your Outfit Stands Out From The Crowd

You want to be noticed at the wedding (Just don't outshine the main man of the day) so make sure your outfit stands out from everyone else’s! Consider colors that complement each other well but aren’t too common on beaches (think off-white pants paired with navy blue shirt). You could also opt for patterned fabrics such as stripes or plaids if you want something more daring than traditional solids. Don't forget about footwear either – boat shoes or even classy slides are perfect for outdoor weddings since they provide plenty of comfort while still looking smart enough to wear in more formal settings! Finally add some special touches like pocket squares, cufflinks or belts to complete your look!

here's the perfect pair of beach slides to complete your beach wedding look:

mens slides

Choosing an outfit for a beach wedding doesn't have to be stressful if you follow our guide! Focus on light colors and fabrics that won't absorb heat while keeping an eye out for accessories that stand out from the crowd without being too loud - like pocket squares and belts - will help ensure you look sharp without overheating at your next beach event. Now go forth and be stylishly prepared for whatever life throws at you!

December 10, 2022 — Rhys Walker