Men’s fashion has changed a lot in the past decade or so. As the style sensibilities of modern men have evolved, so have their fashion choices. This is reflected even in the nightwear department as the lines between sleepwear and loungewear are continuously blurred. Discover the current and future men’s nightwear fashion trends so that you can keep pace with this ever-evolving industry.

Top 5 Men’s Nightwear Fashion Trends

Gone are the days when pyjamas were the only thing that men could wear to bed. Nightwear options for men have gotten bolder and the cuts and fabric are contemporary. While PJs are good, there is a wider array of options at your disposal. 

1. The Rise of Modern Pajamas

Men (and women, too) love to go to bed in pyjamas because they provide warmth and comfort as you doze off. Over the years, the concept of “pyjamas” has changed dramatically, especially in the fashion sense. 

Traditional pyjama styles remain popular but there are modern alternatives for those who want something easier to put on. Newer pyjama styles include no-collar designs and crew neck tops. Also, modern men have chosen to let go of the buttoned styles as they seem clunky and cumbersome to wear. As buttons have gone, overhead designs have become more common. The materials used also offer more stretch to enhance the comfort level of the wearer. 

If you’re looking for something new in exchange for the traditional pyjama styles, you’re in luck. 

modern pajama alternative for men's sleepwear

2. Nightshirts Are In

Nightshirts are for men as nightgowns are for women. Yes, you read that right. Nightshirts are one of the top trending items for men’s nightwear in today’s era.

Why do some men prefer to sleep in nightshirts? And is it the mark of a forward-thinking men’s fashion industry that has chosen to let go of gender norms? Whichever the case is for the rise of this particular trend, men welcome it with open arms. Nightshirts for men are even considered a high-fashion alternative.

Men can shop for nightshirts in a wide array of materials such as knit and cotton. This nightwear piece is all about comfort. After you’ve had a long day, all you want to think about is to slip on something that is comfortable and extra soothing so you can get your well-earned sleep. Nightshirts are the perfect alternative so you won’t have to deal with unnecessary frills such as buttons and collars. A nightshirt has just the right amount of fabric to keep you warm and it feels like sleeping in your favourite t-shirt. 

There are also a variety of styles available – from chequered to long-sleeved ones – so there is something for every man’s taste.

3. Athleisure is Here to Stay

The athleisure trend is all about the merging of style, comfort, and relaxation. The name says it all: athletic wear and leisure. Although this particular trend is often linked to casual wear for men (and women), it is also spreading its reach towards the nightwear department.

What’s not to love about the idea of putting on your knit pants and sweater to bed? And when you get up in the morning, you are ready to face the world with the same clothes you’ve slept in. While that is not necessarily the case, it could very well be. It is a testament to how style has infiltrated the nightwear department in men’s fashion for those who are serious about their style.

4. Dressing Gowns = Luxury in Men’s Nightwear

To the men out there who haven’t owned a dressing gown before, now is the time to get one. It’s not just because it is on-trend, which it is, but because it is one of the greatest pleasures you will experience. There is nothing more luxurious than the feel of a cosy cotton dressing gown to wrap your body in as you step out of the shower and head to bed. 

This luxurious dressing gown for men is especially a treat during the colder months. It’s like a warm and cosy hug as you unwind in bed.

5. Sustainability is Growing

Last but not least, the growth of sustainable nightwear for men is hard to ignore. There has been a rise in demand for eco-friendly and sustainable clothing in recent years – even before the pandemic era. This has spiked numerous times over the last couple of years as more celebrities and influencers are leading the way for sustainable fashion choices.

Brands are taking notice and many have shifted to looking for sustainable alternatives for fabric and materials. These brands are looking to engage consumers who have become eco-conscious with their fashion choices, including men’s nightwear fashion trends. 

May 11, 2022 — Al Dunstan